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A pre-approved car loan is one option you can't afford to be without.

 Before you talk to a sales person... before you even consider shopping around... come into your Credit Union and pre-arrange your loan. That way, you'll know exactly how much room you have to maneuver financially.

 Credit life & disability insurance are available to eligible borrowers. Disability insurance will provide the monthly payments on behalf of you or your co-borrower in the event of sickness or an accident.  Credit life gives you the convenience of knowing that your loan commitments will not become the liability of your estate.
Automobile Loans with No Curves!
We'll give it to you straight.
A pre-approved car loan with no hidden curves.
  • Fast credit approval.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Pre-approved loan amount.
 Our rates are very competitive! We continually monitor the market to give you the best rates and the best terms.

Contact the Credit Union for a straightforward, no-curves approach to pre-approved car loans. We'll make sure you drive home a bargain!
Car Loans with no hidden curves!
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